Question: Should I skip Sunscreen to get more Vitamin D?

The answer is NO! It’s true that you need Vitamin D. This nutrient is essential to many bodily functions and research shows that it may help protect against a wide variety of health conditions, from osteoporosis to cancer of the breast, prostate, colon and more. And yes, your body does naturally produce vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the sun’s UVB rays but the bottom line is that it’s best not to ditch your sunscreen. Most of us are not going to stop what we are doing after 15 minutes of sunning, golf, tennis, jogging, etc. (roughly the amount of exposure you would need to produce enough Vitamin D so slather on some SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen. You will still get some UV rays, and this will help prevent skin cancers, sagging, and other aging effects of the sun. It’s much simpler and safer to ALWAYS wear sunscreen and focus on getting more D from your diet and supplements.

Doctors recommend between 1,000 and 2500 International Units (IU) daily of Vitamin D

Foods containing Vitamin D:

  • 1 whole egg- 25 IU
  • 3.5 ounces fresh salmon – 360IU
  • 1 cup vitamin D fortified milk- 115-124 IU
  • 1 cup vitamin D fortified cereal 40 IU

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