Winter Skin Survival Guide

This winter when you are faced with chapped lips and dry skin resolve to arm yourself with a skincare regimen that will combat the weather and leave your skin flawless, not flaky.

The first step in protecting skin is to identify the environmental issues.  Dry air is a skin dehydration culprit.  Eighty percent of the skin is water, and the cold, dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin.

The goal is to go into winter with as healthy skin as possible to combat the environmental hazards of winter so you can enter spring with beautiful skin.  We recommend New Youth Skin Treatment System for the complete program to rejuvenate, reverse damage, and protect your skin.

Tip 1.

Find the right moisturizer for you.

The biggest mistake is choosing a moisturizer that feels good but doesn’t actually moisturize.

Also make sure the ingredients don’t cause allergies.  For example, certain fragrances and colors can be irritating.

Tip 2

The sun does not stop shining in the winter, and neither does sun damage or the risk of skin cancer.  Ultraviolet light penetrates clouds and can still damage skin.

You should still be using sun block in the winter.  The sun shines through your car windshield, and when you are walking to your car.

In addition to sunscreen to exposed skin, it is imperative to protect lips with an SPF 15 to 30 and moisturizing balm.  Cancer of the lip is from excess sun exposure and can be deforming and even metastasize.

Use a moisturizing product.


Avoid alcohol based after-shave; it will dry out your skin.

Use sunblock.

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